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Light to deep skin tone usually with pink undertone. Color analysis soft dominant color characteristics youtube. Shari braendel your best neutrals are charcoal and medium brown. The color solutions international color analysis is a trend forecasting report, that offers brands and retailers highlevel global trends based on consumer reports, detailed market research and generational mindsets influenced by art and culture. Click the above pin and get your color analysis for free. This directory is one of the many benefits of joining our cic alumni connection, and therefore does not include all our alumni. Order my color style kit this kit includes 12 color analysis cards plus instant access to the online course diy personal color analysis step 2. Color me beautiful wrote the definitive book on color. Your pop colors are butter yellow, teal, coral and mint green. They are based in new jersey, not far from new york city. Uncover the basic guidelines because there are some. May 04, 2011 so, if youd like to find out more about your colors and the season that works best with your skin tone and hair color, head over to color me beautiful and answer 2 simple questions or use this color analysis website to help you. Discover your palette of best colors with the help of donna fujiis color self analysis system. If you purchase the swatches then youll receive an email that instructs you to send a.

Shariwill walks us through a day long adventure on how to create a look that reflects your inter beauty. Am interested in recommendations concerning colour analysis software that will give a specific number for a selected colour area from a digital photo. Color test psychological analysis of personality by the me. Please let me make sure you are a person, not a program. Have you ever uttered the words, i have nothing to wear. Shari braendel styletip wearing the right necklace youtube. Translated into seventeen languages, and a worldwide best seller color me beautiful popularized seasonal color analysis. Shopping, group eventsladies night out, virtual closet program working on virtual color code. The categories are based on shari braendel s unique coloring system. Shari braendel your best neutrals are black, navy and deep charcoal gray. Join nyc image consultant academy steps to your best coloring intensive personal color analysis training and learn the basics of contemporary personal color analysis in one day.

Machine vision color analysis 20150708 quality magazine. Your complete color analysis is usually delivered within a week by email this may be a tonal or seasonal color family as i use both methods to ensure the correct result. The color being analyzed is the color you see on the display. Color analysis brenda cooper emmy award winning stylist. Christian womens speaker, shari braendel inspires women to recognize the beauty god gave them while providing the tools to dress themselves with style and confidence. She gives you a confidence to who you are in the body god gave you. Our software is used by printers, prepress departments, photographers, color management consultants, lighting specialists, as well as advanced amateurs and hobbyists.

Signature style appointment with style expert shari braendel. In this post i am going to be giving you the basic descriptions of these categories to give you an idea of which one you may be. If you are a woman with warm as your color code then you are either a natural red head, have auburn hair, or are a brunette with red or golden highlights. Every piece of fabric is selected by shari and updated regularly to include the most uptodate colors and color trends. In shari s system of colours, there are 6 possible color types. From lightest to darkest, we have light, soft, cool, warm, clear and deep. Your dominant color characteristics faithfully fashionable blog.

This is an amazing psychological test that will help you learn more about yourself, your personal life, and relationships with your. Color analysis soft dominant color characteristics i am. A lot of care goes in to making each color swatch set. Color analysis drapes comparison here you find all our analysis drape sets for color analysis at a glance please scroll to the right or left if necessary. After determining your style statement, you will then be treated to a professional color analysis to find out your best colors. This course is taught in an interactive, live, virtual 2day training.

Her laugh was not one of happiness but one of mockery at herself and those around her. At least in the other 12 season color analysis book, a whole category is given to women with gray hair. Spring is warm and vibrant, summer is cool and soft, autumn is warm and. Shari braendel your best neutrals are black, navy and gray. Virtual colour analysis online colour analysis what. While in general, the book color revival gives a lot of good advice, it really ignores help for older women with gray hair. Speaker and pastor jennifer jackson will share an intro message. Shari braendel speaker, author, style editor, fun fashionista. Fashion meets faith with shari braendel christian women speakers and fun fashionista, shari braendel keeps her audience laughing while inspiring women of all. Color code academy april 24 25, 202010am 4pm the color code system is derived from seasonal color analysis and found to be the simplest and most efficient way for image consultants and stylists to provide color consulting to clients. Leave a comment below on why youd like to win shari s book help me jesus, i have nothing to wear.

Modern and fun wedding ceremony program to showcase your order of. Free online color analysis in just three simple steps youll discover which colors make you shine and which colors shouldnt even be in your closet. First christian church of blandinsville, macomb, il community heights alliance church, newton ia. Your pop colors are bright purple, clear red, sunny yellow and hot pink. Today we start the color code series to help you do just that. And tay, you can go to my website and get a free color analysis. The six illustrated questions help you identify the traits on your face and the flattering shades. During this 15minute power packed appointment, you will work side by side with style expert shari braendel to develop a 3word phrase that becomes your individual authorspeaker signature style statement after determining your style statement, you will then be treated to a professional color analysis to find out your best colors.

Why seasonal colour analysis doesnt work what to do instead duration. Color me beautiful is the personal color authority, bringing you a color cosmetics assortment that is sure to enhance each color palette. Color me beautiful achieve your seasonal color potential. No other book on color has been so widely distributed. Thank you shari braendel for helping women better understand how to be their best selves. Your pop colors are ocean blue, royal purple, bluered or soft pink.

I want to help you discover your dominant color category so i can then recommend wardrobe items like scarves, blazers and floral prints for your unique coloring and tell you what hot seasonal colors will work for you. Share your photos in the private facebook group to get feedback from this amazing community of likeminded women. If you are a woman with soft characteristics, your coloring demands soft shades of beautiful colors which can be worn with light ones for contrast or with a combination of other medium colors. Color analysis soft dominant color characteristics i am trained and certified by shari braendel and i live in n. Next, select the most prominent tones from your skin, hair and eyes. Based on this, you know what colors will suit you the most. By tabitha dumas phoenix color analysis phoenix image consultant. Full information about the image color usage such as.

Your pop colors are purple, true red, persimmon and royal blue. I do not have any color samples from you yet and would love a set. Shari braendel founder and director of fashion meets faith. Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows. I would love to work with you to find your best color characteristics. Shari braendel videos and media for christian womens events and conferences. Then click over to the 4 season color analysis page or the 12 season color analysis page for a more detailed analysis of your color palette.

Color analysis the science of personal dress color analysis. Average hues are calculated using mean of circular quantities. Click here for your free online color analysis by shari. Color palette great simple table of the 4 main color groups my experience is you. Fashion meets faith shari braendel ladies event, faith. Reported will be the average, median, minimum and maximum of each component of rgb, hsv, lch and lab.

Together we will discover the tone of color that is in perfect harmony with you. But it all seemed to turn out the same everywhere she went, no one noticed her. Speaker, shari braendel presents faith led, funfilled womens events teaching women to love their body and to dress themselves with confidence and grace. Shari braendel teaches you how to finally love the body god gave you and how to look your bestfrom discovering your body shape and learning to dress it. Join shari as she explains the theory of color analysis in womens fashion and illustrates how to identify and classify color characteristics in this color code certification course. Personal color analysis cards color analysis tools color. I picked up shari braendel s book good girls dont have to dress bad now help me, jesus. This quiz will take you step by step through a self color analysis to help you discover your perfect colors. Certified and educated by a master colorist, i provide a precise analysis based upon scientific theory and artistic principles. Jan 18, 2019 take this free color analysis quiz and find out your possible seasonal color palette. Fashion meets faith, established in 2009, is a leader in delivering professional online and traditional classes for color analysis, image consulting, personal shopping, and personal styling. Good girls giveaway with shari braendel karen ehman. Do you think you understand personal color theory, but have never felt empowered enough to conduct a personal color analysis. She was one of my first fashion influences, and ive learned a lot from reading her newsletter and blog posts.

When armed with the knowledge of your personal color code, you. My fellow proverbs 31 speaker and fun fashionista of a friend, shari braendel s first book arrived in the mail. Shari delivers what has become known as the popular and critically acclaimed power of three. Bright eye color green, blue or hazel or dark brown. Color analysis training and online courses for image. Another method of colour analysis was developed by a christian image consultant named shari braendel. For each speaking topic, your audience will interactively learn the colors that truly look best on them, how to dress for their body shape, and hear shari s lifeimpacting message of faith. Color, body type and style analysis for a small group of girlfriends who want to have fun learning what to wear and how to wear it.

You can select existing image or alternatively take a picture from internal camera. Know what clothes to wear after you discover your own. Developed by color and image professionals, the color4fashion platform sorts your answers and determines your analysis from more than 4300 possible combinations. I have realised it isnt that easy to figure out your own season yourself so i decided to use some technology to help us girls to determine our season. Color analysis, event speaker, style workshop teacher, wardrobe management systems. I have nothing to wear the goto guide for all shapes and sizes shari braendel on. I try to be careful when shopping and pick the medium hues, i have found that my mood changes when i try on the clothes, if the color is too dark for me then i feel dreary and depresseed but if the color is the right shade then i. Color analysis posters and charts color me a season store. A collaboration of image consultants, color experts, and web designers, the program adopted a tonal color analysis approach to maximize accuracy. Color analysis free online personal color analysis test. Looking to book shari braendel for your next event. Seasonal color analysis helps to define what season you fall into based on the natural colors within your body. Below im showing you a basic tshirt, some 34 length sleeve, short sleeve, vneck and round neck.

Authorspeaker shari braendel is making a return appearance to christian fashion week, joining two other stylists at the righteous fashionista public workshop. Group the colors and sort them from the most dominant color to the less significant. I was still unsure so i took my question to an expert shari braendel, who i met at the she speaks conference last summer. Oneonone color, body type and personality analysis which will help women choose clothing and accessories that are perfect. Shari braendel, ceo and founder welcome to the christian image consulting alumni cic directory. Shari will walk us through a day long adventure on how to create a look that reflects your inner beauty. Many of you have asked what i decided to do about the dress. Shari braendel is the consultant on the color analysis site.

Image color summarizer rgb and hsv image statistics. When you have just the right color, click the analyze button and get the red, green and blue components of the color as well as the name of the closest color in the wikipedia list of colors. Once you know your color palette, shopping for apparel, accessories and makeup will be a breeze. Color code academy live april 23rd24th 10am 4pm edt. Hey guys, i am writing a program which is going to be your personal colour analyst on your computer.

Womens speaker, shari braendel will remind you that you are beautiful, made in his image, and oneofakind. Two factors relating to color analysis changed everything this work presents a new paradigm for color analysis based on a revealing concept of vibrational energy associated with each color and the law of attraction factor 1 balanced colors discovered notice each set of colors have a different feeling. Your best colors depend on whether your coloring is cool or warm. Interactive, live, virtual 2day training with shari braendel. Initially, colorenalysis was created as a resource for shari s awardwinning book, help me jesus. The best part of the 4 season color analysis is discovering your personal matching color palette. In general, as blue is added to a color, it becomes cooler, and as yellow is added, it becomes warmer. Yippeeeee if you were in the general vicinity of midmichigan yesterday, you just might have heard me scream as i stood at my mailbox. Ultimately, color analysis tools may evolve to the point that all inspection, guidance, and online analysis is done completely in colorlike human vision. This post is for you if youre wondering, what is my dominant color category. During this 15minute power packed appointment, you will work side by side with style expert shari braendel to develop a 3 word phrase that becomes your individual authorspeaker signature style statement. I put one in here for each dcc so you can get an idea of what colors are in for you this spring. Self analysis test if you have cabinets full of makeup and a closet full of clothes, but are unsure of what wardrobe and makeup colors are best for you, you are not alone.

Click on your season below and find out which garment colors should be in your closet from now on. Color analysis is the website of shari braendel who wrote the book good girls dont have to dress bad. They didnt notice she had worn the same outfit for the last three weeks. Every step is supported by color images so you actually see my reasonings. Each saturday this month, ill share a little about the color code system and walk you through how to find out the shades that are. Set of 10 reversible cool and warm personal color analysis cards great for individual or group presentations. Shari braendel your best neutrals are black or dark brown. This is step 3 of my new color analysis quiz using my proprietary color system, your color style. Although i tried my best to prepare this test, its just a free and fun quiz not a professional color analysis. Shari can provide a color analysis and body type assessment for. Are you ready to join the thousands of women who have discovered the secret to dressing fabulously. All of these beautiful women have successfully completed the fashion meets faith cic course and are certified image consultants.

She gave me a color analysis when i was there, so i knew that she would have an opinion on this taupe color. How to find out what colors look best on you what dinny wore. A night of real fun real friends real faith doors open at 5. We look at hair, skin and eye color and how they all go together. If you are a woman with soft characteristics, your coloring demands soft shades of beautiful colors which can be worn with light ones for contrast or with a. Ive been toying with this idea for almost six years but heres. Margaret laughed to herself as she stood solo among the group of women. My journey to becoming a certified christian image. Discover your natural beauty through color was translated into seventeen languages and this worldwide best seller popularized seasonal color analysis, internationally. Babelcolor color measurement and analysis software. For a more accurate result try to use similar traits like light or soft or deep, etc. Color me beautiful literally wrote the definitive book on color. If youre wondering, what is my dominant color category.

Check out our products including makeup by color me beautiful, amazon fashion finds sorted by seasonal colour palette and colour analysis references for hair, makeup, clothing and accessories. If you have ever tried to find out what colors best suit you, you probably. Today we talk with fashion expert, shari braendel, about what we can do to declutter our. The color enalysis offers 6 categories and provided me with crucial tips and general guidelines in only a few minutes. Feb 12, 20 margaret was new to the area and decided to visit a few local churches and bible studies before she landed on one. The result is a fabulous color palette that feels completely comfortable for you. Shari s style guide includes color tips for accessories and complementary colors. With her son serving on active duty in the army, shari loves being a military mom and want to use her gifts to help military spouses everywhere.

Anyways according to wikipedia the pantone colors are chosen by elite fashionistas from around the globe. Blue is the coolest color and yellow is the warmest. According to pure fashion, a christian fashion ministry with a seven monthlong program that. Color analysis is designed to analyze color groups in your image based on the visible spectrum.

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