Jungle book kaa and mowgli fanfiction

Something about kaa had made mowgli feel so relaxed and peaceful that. But this time it is much closer to the storyline than any of my other stories so far. Tags will be added with each request, originally from fanfiction. Previously called the life of shere khanwe all know the story of the jungle book. Her body, mind and soul belong exclusively to her master until another resident of the jungle takes interest in her fabulous figure. Then for fun, kaa breaks the hypnosis on mowgli, then hides to be reintroduced to him. Not too long ago mowgli had been wandering lost and alone when hed encountered his old enemy kaa the snake.

This is a zootopia jungle book fanfic of kaa doing some naughty things to gazelle while she is spending her time alone on palm hotel in sahara square. The incident happened a year ago yet i could not forget it. Up in a tree high above the jungle floor, kaa the snake blinked his large yellow eyes. Jungle book fanfiction archive with over 234 stories. But while kaa hypnotizes mowgli and shows him the backstory of how he came to be in the jungle, when kaa has him in her coils, this time she actually does swallow him down. I am a massive fan of kaa and anything hypnosis, snakes, nagas or jungle book related. Alternate ending to kaa and mowglis 2nd encounter by. With one final thrust of his tail, kaa squeezed mowgli s penis. But after a short talk, mowgli saw that he was wrong about. Mowgli understood, and would have consented if it was not because his head was firmly held by the tail of kaa. Again, it is a nice tie with the original stories, where kaa is an ally to mowgli. Its been a few months since imp went in the jungle to kill the apeman and boy, did they screw that one up. Blitzos had tarzan in his sights and was ready to pull the trigger when his flintlock pistol miss fired. Work in progress so this is a amateur writing fanfic where you control bagheera as he wanders around during his speciess mating season, and this is geared towards him being the bottom at least for now.

As the title suggests, the book is a chronological compilation of the stories about mowgli from the jungle book and the second jungle book, together with in the rukh the first mowgli story written. Kaa fans games a fansite for everything kaa the snake from disneys the jungle book 1967. Summary that is why, he says, shifting his paw on the leaves, even as i returned to my jungle, so must you go back to men, to the men who are your family. Shere khan left the jungle while he was a teenager to learn more about the world, leaving behind his bonded mate, bagheera. Old testament prince of egypt the entire movie for children in english toons for kids en duration. Youre doing ssso well mowgli was so aroused now he couldnt lie still in the coils, writhing in silent torment as. Mowgli is threatened by the evil shere khan and its up to bagheera and baloo to save him. So lost in thought was mowgli, he hadnt heard kaa moving behind him at all. Kaa shoved mowgli into his mouth, feet first, kaa began to slowly swallow mowgli, making sure he enjoyed it, as kaa s throat muscles and warm saliva massaged mowgli, he smiled mindlessly. Luckily for her, a grown man cub and his guardian are on their way toward her. Kaas little pet chapter 1, a jungle book fanfic fanfiction.

All the mowgli stories is a collection of short stories by rudyard kipling. She was voiced and motioncaptured by cate blanchett, who also played galadriel in the lord of the rings franchise and valka in the. His eyes felt especially heavy but he didnt want to close them and end the happy feeling he was getting from staring into kaa s eyes. Kaa mowgli jungle book 3 mowgli shanti jungle book 2. Though you really have me wondering as to why they are growing younger and younger. Kaa is an antihero of the 2018 netflix movie mowgli. Kaas hunting is an 1893 short story by rudyard kipling featuring mowgli.

Kaa the python comes to the aid of mowgli just in the nick of time as thing started to look bad for the mancub. Kaa and mowgli colored by pasta79 on deviantart cute stories. Shanti becomes kaas loyal pet by nightfall and serves to satisfy the serpents limitless lust after his long awaited consumption of mowgli. What happens when there is an imposter, intending to kill mowgli and take bagheera as. Especially because ive seen them tell about kaa getting a hold of mowgli, shanti, bagheera and even shere khan but only one ive seen with ranjan. Mowgli olivia the great mouse detective baloo louis princess and the frog. After seeing some of the other kaa stories out there, im eager to make one of my own. This was a super late commission for the amazing who asked me to write one of my favorite kinds of stories, a kaa story i got caught up with the holidays and took way longer than expected putting this out, but was awesome about it and let me take my time so as a thank you i made this piece longer than it was supposed to be i hope you like it. A jungle book fanfiction snownova adventure fanfiction romance march 25. The jungle book 3 mowgli and shanti, was walking through the jungle a early spring morning, and they both have taken some different shaped balloons with them, to have fun with, and the girl said easy mowgli. Chronologically the story falls between the first and second halves of mowglis brothers, and is the second story in the jungle book 1894 where it. Baloo louis princess and the frog bagheera ray princess and the frog kaa snake the powerpuff girls shere khan ratigan the great mouse.

Bagheera baloo jungle book works archive of our own. He was desperate for him and wanted to play around with him. Literature featuring anthropomorphic characters the jungle book stories 1893 short stories. Mowgli noticed he was beginning to sway with exhaustion, his whole body felt incredibly tired and weak. Slowly mowgli moved closer to the river, ignoring that his old enemy kaa. Kaa journey to jungle book animated female voiceover. A midnight stroll chapter 1, a jungle book fanfic fanfiction.

Kaa could soon tell that mowgli was nearing release. Thankfully for him, kaa is right there to set everything right for mowgli and the panther guardian with the help of the mother of all snakes. Check out inspiring examples of mowgli artwork on deviantart, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. Well, and you learn more about being a good pet later. Browse through and read the jungle book stories and books. Kaa slipped through the alleys of the village to reach the timber wall around him. Kaa chuckled as he watched the mancub, lost in his hypnotic wet dream, rocking and bucking in his coils. With a rotten mean tiger in the jungle that practically frightens everyone mowgli and jillian must find away to end this fear once and for all. Frostbite a jungle book fanfiction snownova adventure romance march 25, 2019. This is the newest story of the new feminine kaa 2016 from the new jungle book.

An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. This is my first jungle book fanfic and ive been wanting to do something like this for ages. Mowgli 2018 kaa rescues mowgli from shere khan youtube. Kaa wrapped his tail around to the back of mowgli and use his tail to push mowgli further into his mouth, enveloping all of mowgli s head, his cheeks, his nose, his hair, all of it. Bagheerashere khan jungle book works archive of our own. Mowgli was wary of kaa, having once before been tricked by the crafty snake into staring into his colorful eyes.

Your quirk is inspired by the song trust in me by scarlett johansson kaa the snakes song and kaa the snake from the jungle book. Obviously the jungle was much more fun and exciting, though a strange bond had. Once he is hypnotized, kaa plays around with mowgli s body, repeatedly tickling him all over. All kaa had to do was suck the mancub in and swallow up the rest of him. Three months since the events of the first movie and mowgli the mancub reunites with his wolf family only to learn that a new threat is terrorizing the jungle, more ter. Courtesy of netflixs mowgli available to watch on netflix. I do not own jungle book tribute to fellow deviant. He would always prefer the jungle to the mans village, the jungle where he had.

Tender loving control, a jungle book fanfic fanfiction. Mowgli becomes a pet by mowglitales fur affinity dot net. The boys cock was also beginning to pulse in kaa s coils which was another indicator that kaa would soon be feeding. It felt like a beautiful, safe bed that he could rest in. Mowgli jumped upon seeing kaa s smiling face, remembering his first encounter with her, he quickly got out of the coil seat and tried to get away. This was one of the first stories i wrote for one of the images i manipulated. I growled as i heard ruffling in the bushes before everything turned black as a shadow was looming over me. Once kaa got mowgli s head in, it was smooth sailing from there. Mowgli jungle book shere khan jungle book fluff and angst.

Kaa mowgli jungle book 3 mowgli shanti jungle book 2 nalasimba the lion king 2 kaa jungle book original female characters 2. Why does shere khan hate humans so much, and whats his deal with fire. An alternate ending to kaa and mowglis second encounter from the jungle book. Down below, mowgli could only watch as the jungle s two most feared predators clashed, shere khan always just a hair behind kaa and nearly coming within striking distance several times. Often the stories i find briefly cover the hypnosis and then jump. Hi guys author here so as you can tell i suck at descriptions but i assure you t. Unfortunately for kaa, however, mowgli s moans of ecstasy had been loud loud enough to finally wake. One night, kaa appears when mowgli meets up with baloo near the beginning of the film. Kaa made it up to mowgli s balls and dick and he wrapped. Kaa, a rather potent seductress of the jungle, is hungry. The junglebook running away from fear mowgli love story. Kaa mowgli jungle book king louieshanti jungle book bagheerabaloo jungle book shanti jungle book kaa jungle book mowgli jungle book. Hello, as many people will surely do, i will rescue my stories posted on the previous host.

My speciality is roleplaying as the seductive serpent but i also love to play sub and i am generally up for roleplayingchatting about any of my interests. Kaathe sibilant voice was barely a whisper but in the mind of mowgli. Reimagined bagheera is trying to take mowgli out of the jungle, but the man cub doesnt want to go. Youre doing ssso well mowgli was so aroused now he couldnt lie still in the coils, writhing in silent torment as the tail continued its pleasurable stroking. He then hypnotizes mowgli again and the mancub is wrapped up in the snakes coils. Attempting to rise to his legs, the poor man cub felt his knees give out, and he sank back down to the jungle floor as he watched the predators fight.

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