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Most recreational programs play slow pitch in which the pitcher delivers the ball at a slow to moderate speed. All bats must have the following usssa stamp, found just above the handle and at the bottom of the barrel. National federation of state high school associations softball. The ultimate guide to ncaa nfhs asa usssa fast pitch softball rules by billy martin, tim malloy, et al. I cant find any reference to this in the asa rule book except to say that a foul tip is a strike and not an out except on the third.

Rule interpretations definitions of basic terms used in softball, such as batter, fielders, base runners, infield fly, etc will be generally the same as defined in other major soft ball associations. How to choose a slowpitch softball bat buying guide hb sports. This markingmeans change in wording or numbering for clarification only. Pick here for general table of contents pick here for playing.

Any rule not in the big league dreams rule book shall be governed by the. If any agreement cannot be reached upon definition or rule interpretation in isa play, then the tournament director and uic. Slow pitch bats certified under the new standards will have an initial retail launch on june 1, 2020. Asa stealing in slow pitch slowpitch softball forums. Jun 08, 2019 please carry this rule book with you to support your claim to the usssa umpire. Teams should report to the intramural sports staff assistant a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the score.

How to play slow pitch softball for beginners youtube. The team composition will consist of 9 players on the field, with the ninth individual being a second short stop or rover. If you are a coach or team manager, or an umpire you must create an account first before you can apply for membership. Fastpitch united states specialty sports association. Congratulations to the first place team of jack kirk, randy quale, scott breuer, and randy johnson. Usssa slow pitch rule book usssa united states specialty. The matter was successfully concluded thanks to a handy copy of the official rules of softball once the relevant rule was located in the book and read to the unpire and opposing team. Two rules from the conference are now in the book for all of usssa. They became effective january 1, 2020 and will be revised both in our printed and online 2020 rule book. Includes case book, rulebook, field dimension sizes, umpires manuals and rule changes, all are in pdf format. Rule book, without the express written consent of the. It is still slo pitch so pitchers will not be allowed to slingshot etc. Softball is a team sport popular in intramural programs across the united states.

Usssa boston area umpires wilmington, ma powered by. A authorized bat manufacturers shall have the usssa compliance mark. You can also check the usssa new bat guideline page, or nsa rule book page for more. Independent softball association hereafter referred to as isa or the. Fast pitch rules slow pitch rule fast pitch rule rule 1 definitions rule 1 definitions bunt not legal in spout is legal in fp, accept if foul on the third strike. Welcome to the rule clarifications and plays umpire page. What are the current rules and regulations regarding slow pitch softball bats. Rule clarifications and plays welcome to the rule clarifications and plays umpire page. Abide by the current official senior softball guide and playing rules to the best of my ability. Usssas mission is to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world. Our rule book is now on a two year print cycle and this is the off year, according to andy wisk. Rule interpretations definitions of basic terms used in softball.

Rule interpretations rule interpretations definitions of basic terms used in softball, such as batter, fielders, base runners, infield fly, etc. The online rule book supersedes the printed edition and will contain any updated rule or bylaw changes. Due to rapidly expanding and advanced technologies of softball equip ment, all new equipment introduced to the game of slow pitch softball must be. With a few exceptions most notably the pitching technique slow pitch. Softball rules and regulations divisions 10u all play will be judged according to the rules set down by the amateur softball association asa with the following exceptions, variations, etc. The usssa sanctions, creates, and promotes a variety of sports including softball, baseball, and basketball.

This is a discussion on usssa rule book and umpire within the usssa forums, part of the softball associations category. It is a direct descendant of baseball, although played with a larger ball that is pitched underhand rather than overhand. You can also get the asa case book as a pdf, but, again, it is bundled with other stuff in this case, the clinic guide. A situation not specifically covered in these local rules will be governed by asa rules. Mens, womens, and corec slow pitch softball rules current a. No bat is legal for usssa sanctioned play, if there is a foreign substance on the barrel or taper of a baseball or softball bat. This rule book governs national championships and slopitch national. The bat has had the surface of the barrel or the taper changed in any way as by painting or repainting or removing bat material by any means such as by sandpapering or applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means. You also have to be persistent in finding these on the asa site. There are numerous slow pitch softball leagues, but your particular league will follow the rules of one of these major softball governing bodies. Accept the decision of the umpires and my team manager in good sportsmanship. Wynns, editor nfhs publications to maintain the sound traditions of this sport, encourage sportsmanship and minimize the inherent risk of injury, the national federation of state high school associations writes playing rules for.

Nirsa slow pitch softball rules book 2nd edition nirsa on. Players of almost any age, from young children to senior citizens, can play slow pitch softball, and many play in leagues or tournaments governed by amateur softball association of america rules. We will achieve this success by an uncompromising commitment to meeting the needs of the teams, coaches, sponsors, park owners and fans. Mnusssa hall of fame benefit golf tournament on june. This book may not be copied or otherwise reproduced in whole or in part without. Appeal plays an appeal play is a one which the umpire may not make a call until a player or manager brings it to the umpires. For all bat specifications in usssa, please refer to usssa rule book rule 2. A coed team can have a maximum of seven male players playing at all times. Teams should report to the intramural sports supervisor a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the game to fill out the score sheet. The catcher must remain in the box until the pitched ball is 1 batted, 2 touches the ground, the plate, or the.

Victory lane sports park victory lane sports park is glendale, arizonas finest recreational sports facility. All rules not mentioned in this packet will be governed by the asa slow pitch softball rules. Where can i get a usssa slow pitch softball rule book. That may seem like a simple question but the answers will vary. This will ensure we have good contact information for you and will allow the nsa to track your teams across seasons and improve your abilities with regard to annually resanctioning. From this page you can access the monthly files intended to sharpen your skills as a usa softball umpire. Senior softballusa senior softball world championships code of ethics as a participant in a senior softballusa senior softball world championships tournament, including qualifiers and international tours, i agree to conduct myself as a gentleman or lady both on and off the field, and that when playing i will. This came up here this weekend new guys running asa and according to the 2015 paperback rule book, it apparently doesnt specify the pitch hitting the plate being dead.

Bsc softball, inc page 2 of 36 bsc softball 2020 official slow pitch rule book official slow pitch softball rules adopted, published, and distributed by bsc softball inc. After enough of us stated that it had been the case since asa incorporated stealing, he changed it since both teams were in agreement, but he was standing by the rule book. Changes to the 2020 edition usssagsl playing rules. The strike zone in slo pitch will now reflect that of fast pitch. Well be in touch with news, updates, and ways you can help the team. If 8 players are not present for a game you may go one age group below within the league in fast or slow pitch to pick up a player, to qualify a minimum of 6 players from the team must be present.

And to stock up on stylish team usa gear that you can wear all year round, visit the team usa shop. At its 52nd annual convention in fort myers, florida, usssa introduced several usssagsl slowpitch rule changes for the 2020 season. A team must have a minimum of eight players to start and finish. They are not listed in the umpire gear pages, nor with the umpire training material. The most obvious difference is the speed of the pitch in fast pitch softball up to 75 mph for women and 85 mph for men. As the essential rules book for recreational sport slow pitch softball. After learning these rules and applying them to your style of play for slow pitch softball you will go from the amateur association all the way to the united states specialty sports association. Use of the word he in this publication is intendedto include both the masculine and feminine genders unless otherwise noted. F2s feet are inside the catchers box, and he is reaching out and placing his catching hand and glove on the ground behind home plate. While there are some common fastpitch rules the specifics will differ greatly depending on what type of softball league or tournament you are playing in.

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