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Apr 18, 2016 together, they created one of the best transformers comics in the history of the franchise, the war within. There have been three main publishers of the comic book series bearing the name. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Dreamwave comics were in the process of reinventing the transformers universe, but they werent always very clear or linear about it. Dreamwave productions was an art studio and comic book publisher thats best known for relaunching the transformers franchise in comic book form. The imprint released two miniseries and an ongoing called transformers. Other comics the transformers stormbringer tpb 2007. Dreamwave transformers comics archives transformers. As i detailed in the previous weeks, the transformers comics produced by dreamwave represent a crucial point in my life at least when it comes to my entertainment preferences. The transformers comic book index dreamwave productions. Sep 25, 2012 idw no longer able to offer transformers comics for digital download in the uk, europe posted on september 25, 2012 at 3. Transformers comics the dreamwave era books goodreads.

Transformers episodes guide covered all of the 98 episodes plus the movie. These images were drawn by dreamwave artists who worked on the various lines. More than meets the eye, a prequel miniseries entitled, transformers. When the series came out, many fans enjoyed the art, which was described as mangalike despite not bearing much resemblance to. Dec 27, 2016 i know that there is a great idw transformers thread, but as they dont like to discuss dw transformers i thought i just start one. Transformers comics part 1 marvel, dreamwave, devils due, and 3h collected here are all of the transformers comics from marvel 19841995, dreamwave 20022004, devils due 20032007, and 3h 19972004, as well as the idw marvel reprints. The ultimate guide is an officially licensed guide from dk publishing published in 2005. Score a books total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. These images were used for not only the comic book, but posters, lithographs, promotional images, calendars, and etc. He manages to emulate this style for the council, and does it very well.

This timeline is to help set straight the events of dreamwave s g1 universe, incorporating information from all relevant sources, including. This is the a new reprint of the classic dreamwave transformers mini series known as. This is the most popular version and lasted from 2012 to 2018. Transformers marvel and dreamwave comics collection youtube. I started back into comics in my 20s because of the transformers series that came out. Dreamwave productions was a fairly unknown independent comic book publisher when it obtained the transformers license in 2001. In 2007, a second edition was published, increasing the page count from 144 to 152 visibly different by having a reflective background on the cover instead of white. The generation one dreamwave comics were part of the transformers franchise, within the generation one subfranchise.

Dreamwave productions comic online page 1 readcomiconline. Within the same continuity were 3 other dreamwave series. Founded by artist pat lee and his brother roger under the image comics umbrella in 1996, dreamwave accquired the rights to transformers comics in 2002. The comic guide, cover transformers first debut appearance. Other comics transformers revenge of the fallen defiance tpb 2009. Transformers comics part 1 marvel, dreamwave, devils due. Download transformers comics part 1 marvel, dreamwave, devils due, and torrent or any other torrent from other comics direct download via magnet link. Transformers generation 1 tpb 20022004 dreamwave comic books. Transformers generation one dreamwave comics fanlore.

In early 2002, dreamwave productions acquired the transformers comics license and went on to produce a highly. Each title got a credits page and four pages of comics. In 2002, eight years after marvel comics last transformers book was cancelled, transformers were once again brought back to the comic book scene by the publisher dreamwave productions. Dreamwave productions 2002 2005 its fair to say that almost the entire success of this shortlived spinoff from image comics was due to its acquisition of the transformers license. Dw dreamwave transformers thread modern age comic books.

For a time, there was gigantic buzz surrounding dreamwave s relaunch of the generation 1 title, even pushing it past marvel and dcs top titles. After a battle where the thirteen are all destroyed, unicron and the fallen are imprisoned inside a black hole. Transformers with capes, beards, helmets and other details that made them look like something out of roman history. Transformers dreamwave collection 20022004 free comics download on cbr cbz format.

Generation one, written by chris sarracini and brad mick and drawn by lee and, most prominently, fandomrecruited artist. They started with a limited series focusing on the generation 1 characters and a monthly series dedicated to transformers. The young company had acquired the rights to produce a wide range of transformersrelated products, such as comic books, posters, calendars, litographs, and scrolls, and they assertively announced that they. Visually, alphaquintesson is one fascinating looking character. I have been looking for generation one comics made by the long deceased dw. Tfarchive transformers comics chris mcfeelys dreamwave.

Dreamwave productions was a canadian art design studio and comic book publisher founded in 1996 which is best known for their multiple transformers comic book series. For those of you craving unchecked, giant robot action on an epic. Mar 07, 2012 transformers marvel and dreamwave comics collection pmprime. Idw dreamwave armada volume 1 tpb transformers comics tfw2005. Originally scheduled as a four issue miniseries, it spawned a mythology that would inform other versions of the saga. As i mentioned before, phase 1 mostly consists of the conflict between the autobots and. I, like many, love the transformers and i really liked the artwork and colors that took. Collections of transformers comics produced by dreamwave. Plenty of classic transformers favorites, plus profiles of lesser known stars.

The thirteen original transformers are created, led by prima, in order to fight unicron and pilot primuss planet mode. If you never seen the older transformers comics get this book. There are 6 transformers comic book series listed below. You can find out more about where you can buy comics in this handy guide. The decepticons, feeding off the energy of captured minicons, are about to begin a hostile takeover of the transformers home planet, cybertron. It seems that as part of his tenure at dreamwave, he has had to alter his style slightly.

Generation 1 series from dreamwave comics, but the first ongoing series. While many fans enjoyed them, all of them ended unexpectedly when dreamwave collapsed. It is distinguished by a number of differences from its. Autobot fans will get the inside info on warriors like sunstreaker, springer, and sky lynx. Dreamwaves transformers comics miscellaneous books. In 2002, eight years after marvel comics last transformers book was cancelled, transformers were once again brought back to the comic book scene by the. Transformers comic books transformers by dreamwave comics. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a podcast, and more than meets the eye. Everything is much more rounded, something that dreamwave is pushing on its artwork in all its books. The young company had acquired the rights to produce a wide range of transformers related products, such as comic books, posters, calendars, litographs, and scrolls, and they assertively announced that they.

Dreamwave productions was the canadian based art company that published transformer comic book series from 2002 to 2005. Idws transformers chronological reading order checklist. Idw dreamwave armada volume 1 tpb get ready for one of the wildest transformers rides from the past. Like its cartoon counterpart, it was a reboot of transformers continuity, based around the new characters and premises of the armada toyline. While this does work with several key characters such as the four horsemen, it doesnt really work at times. Transformers valentines day special transformers transformers comics valentines day special valentines day idw idw publishing. The transformers was an 80issue american comic book series published by marvel comics telling the story of the transformers. Generation one was a dreamwave productions comic book series, consisting of two 6issue limited series and an ongoing title. It ran for 18 issues before being changed over to the energon book, which continued its story. Robots in disguise later just transformers by john barber and transformers. Armada is an ongoing comic published by dreamwave productions from 20022003.

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